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AutoCAD is an abbreviation for Computer-Aided Design. Autodesk created and marketed AutoCAD. It is a software program that enables users to create accurate designs in both 2D and 3D for a wide range of project types in architecture, engineering, graphic design, and interior design.


AutoCAD was introduced by Autodesk in 1979, and there have been 35 major updates since then. AutoCAD is available for both Windows and Mac.


Course Overview:


When you dive into Autocad Training Institute, you can always learn something new. You can learn a variety of techniques, tools, software, and topics using Autodesk Autocad in these online Skillshare classes, such as creating detailed floor plans, renderings, architectural drawings, and blueprints.


You can learn from these tutorials whether you’re a beginner looking for Autocad basics, an experienced user, or a working architect. Improve your architectural or engineering drawings by learning how to use Autocad more effectively.


Who is Eligible?


There are a few prerequisites for pursuing an AutoCAD career. They are as follows:


  1. One must have completed secondary school.
  2. Students must have received 55% of their marks in English, Mathematics, and Science in the tenth grade.


There is no AutoCAD degree program, but certification and diploma programs are also available.


Why consider us?


Depending on the individual’s skills, our AutoCAD courses are job-oriented programs that offer annual salary prospects of INR 4 – 9 lakhs after completing Auto CAD courses in collaboration with BTech in civil engineering.


Because many Architects, Engineers, and Graphic Designers use AutoCAD to create designs and sketches, AutoCAD courses are essential for civil engineers. Engineering courses in India cover both small-scale product customization and large-scale technical and mechanical applications.


Our Auto cad classes, taught by experts and working professionals, can assist you in bringing your ideas to life. You’ll also find classes divided into short lessons, as well as hands-on projects and the support of a creative community. AutoCAD certificate courses can be pursued after completing the 10th or 12th grades by enrolling directlyin the course offered by Mangalmurti classes for AutoCAD coaching in Ambernath,


We offer best AutoCAD 2D&3D coaching classes in Ambernath. AutoCAD courses generally are 2 month courses. Eligibility for each course varies because it completely depends upon the course and batch you select. In addition, our expert faculty members and premium study material will guide you in depth.


CADD means Computer Aided Drafting and Designing. It is a design technology with technical documentation that automates the drafting process. It simulates how a design performs similarly in the real world space with draw and modify functionalities. Our AutoCAD courses generally are 2 month courses. Eligibility for each course varies because it completely depends upon the course and batch you select. In addition, our expert faculty members and premium study material will guide you in depth.

In this section Mechanical, Piping, HVAC, Automobile, Civil, Architecture, Structural, Survey, Landscaping, Interior Designing and Decoration, Electrical, Electronics, EXTC, Fire Fighting, GD&T Course for Mechanical AutoCAD are the various courses that we at Mangalmurti CAD Center offer you as per your need. However it is you who has to select. Therefore, the call is yours !

Daily, Weekly and Weekend Batches are available because of huge demand for flexible timings. Above all, there are fantastic career growth opportunities available in this domain for both students and professionals, so enroll now to make the most of it ! In conclusion, it is a fantastic booster.

Take a look at the vast array of AUTOCAD classes we offer



      Mechanical AutoCAD

      Piping  AutoCAD

      HVAC AutoCAD

      Automobile AutoCAD

      Civil AutoCAD

      Architecture AutoCAD
(Architect AutoCAD)

      Survey AutoCAD

      Landscaping AutoCAD

      Interior Designing

      Electrical AutoCAD

      Electronics AutoCAD


We’re glad to mention that we’re offering these Auto CAD Classes  in multiple locations  in Mumbai like

Auto CAD classes in Khopoli

Auto CAD classes in Badlapur

Auto CAD classes Ambernath

Auto CAD classes  in Kalyan

Auto CAD classes  in Thane



Would you like to know more about the course or have any questions? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you make the right decision.


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