C. C. in Construction Supervisor

Government Courses – 1 Year

Construction supervisor course is designed for those who are eagerly willing to start their career in construction department. The goal of this course is to prepare construction supervisors for the real world.

This interactive course allows you to witness construction supervision ways firsthand and produce a professional development plan to achieve
particular career pretensions.

A Construction Supervisior  is a vital part of constructing real structures with supreme quality in required time using available
resources. Therefore, being an administrator of construction, you’re the backbone.

Course overview

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the skills and knowledge needed for successful construction supervision.
Duration of this Certificate Course is one year.
Subjects: There are 3therory subjects and two practical subjects
Theory Subjects: Construction Material and Practices
Estimating and Costing
Surveying and Levelling
1. Construction Practices
2. Surveying and Levelling

Who are eligible?

Minimal eligibility for this course is Secondary School Certificate(S.S.C.) or 10th class. Those who are facing with financial challenges, Those who wants to get government job with minimal turnaround time.

Why you should consider us?

Mangalmurti Vocational Training Center is combined by Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education Examination Mumbai( MSBVEE).

Mangalmurti Classes carry the vision to give thousands of its applicants with high- quality assiduity- acquainted knowledge and hands- on experience. We’re the group of masters who totally train scholars, amateurs, and professionals.

No matter what your reasons for pursuing training, Construction Supervisor course in ambernath from Mangalmurticlasses is the flexible option for your busy professional life. 

1. One to one construction Supervisor classes
2. Live site visits in Mumbai with practical acquainted knowledge
3. Placement Assitance
4. Premium Study material updated with new syllabus
5. Weekday/ weekend classes
6. Part time or Full time Course
7. Flexible classes  for Working professionals
8. Easy online Construction Supervisor course classes in Mumbai.

Career scope for construction supervisors

  • The syllabus covers over three subjects which are Surveying, Labelling, and Estimation Costing.

  • You’ll virtually learn through the rearmost software and gain theoretical knowledge that’s important for construction.

  • With your scale instrument, pursuing this Construction administrator training in Mumbai for a time opens as an easy circle to apply for government jobs in India.

  • The value of course instrument provides a simple way to pursue your career in a private establishment.

  • If You want to start your own business, this course  helps you to grab a government licensed Zp, PWD job. PWD stands for” Public Works Department” and ZP stands for” Zilla Parishad.

At Mangalmurti Classes, we’re offering you an excellent one- time Construction Supervisor Course in Mumbai.

This course Mentally prepares you to better in your career in the field your construction. We’ve designed this course for you as per the artificial demand, We’re glad to mention that we’re offering this course in multiple locales in Mumbai like

Construction Supervisior course in Khopoli
Construction Supervisior course in Badlapur
Construction Supervisior course in Ambernath
Construction Supervisior course in Kalyan
Construction Supervisior course in Thane
Construction Supervisior course in Ratnagiri
Construction Supervisior course in Palghar
Construction Supervisior course in Bhivandi
Construction Supervisior course in Vada

Register for this job- oriented course in Mumbai.We’ve shaped many Construction supervisors till date.

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